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क्या आप जानते हैं कितना गजब है यह चने का पानी । Benefits of Drinking Black Chickpea Water

Aids in Weight Loss: … Cardiovascular Benefits: … Lowers Cholesterol: … Stabilizes Blood Sugar and Low Glycemic Index (GI): … Prevention of Diabetes: … Great Source of Iron: … Good Source of Protein for Vegetarians: … Beneficial for Women: यह ...

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4 गिलास पानी पीने से सारी बीमारी होगी दूर। 4 glass of water will remove all sickness.

कुछ लोग सुबह उठकर सबसे पहले एक गिलास पानी पीते हैं और यह एक अच्छी आदत है। ऐसा करने वाले लोग अक्कसर स्वस्थ रहते है। लेकिन अगर आप एक गिलास की मात्रा को धीरे धीरे बढ़ा कर ३ से ४ ...

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Lose 20 to 30kg by Just Drinking Water

Losing extra fat or Extra weight is really a job which needs Hard work and a proper diet plan. Mostly people get fail to do all these things and they give up. What if we tell you ? that you ...

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Bottled water may be harmful to health, BARC study reveals

Drinking packaged water may appear to be good for health but you are wrong. A new research conducted by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in 18 bottled water companies in Mumbai has revealed the presence of harmful chemicals in samples of ...

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Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Health Benefits of Drinking Water, पानी पीने के लाभ. ● अमृत दो शब्दों से बना है । आम + रीत , आम = सामान्य , रीत = तरीका ( practice) यानि पानी पीने का सही तरीका ( Travelent Practice of ...

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